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As a non profit 501(c)3 we depend on all finiancial help though donations to provide the high level of service on a consistant level. Please help with what you can.

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Since 1980 we have provided a facility to house homeless, chemically dependant adults. We help save money for the taxpayer by minimizing the outside needs of our residents and assist the resident with immediate attention to their needs. Their disease is so often misunderstood and minimized that our community is at a loss, at times, on how to address the chronic chemically dependent and homeless individual. Cronin Home has demonstrated for thirty years on one quality solution - provide the individual with a sober environment and that they will experience an improvement in the quality of their life

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Mission Statement:

Cronin Home’s mission is to provide a protective and caring environment, which offers opportunities for quality recovery in chemically dependant men and women who also may be physically and/or mentally challenged.


With the stress and its attendant lifestyle in our world today we have seen a sharp rise in chemical dependency. This health problem affects every segment of our society. Use and abuse of alcohol (other legal mood altering chemicals), street drugs (organic and synthetic), and prescription drugs are leaving a terrible scar. The chronic chemically dependant often is homeless and has no place left to turn for help, care and love. We are continually improving the pursuit of dignity for each resident while giving support, respect, hope and encouragement.



The philosophy of Cronin Home is that all persons deserve to live with dignity, be treated with respect, no matter what their physical disabilities or illness. Because of the symptoms of the illness of chemical dependency, many people suffering from this disease lose the support and/or contact with their families and significant others. Their lives become unmanageable and they often lose jobs. As they progress into chronic chemical dependency they lose any ability to maintain self respect and a healthy lifestyle. Cronin Home seeks to provide a home atmosphere with peer support and an understanding and caring staff. The aim is not specifically to demand sobriety but to recognize occasional inebriation as part of the illness. Our supportive and caring atmosphere assists them to maintain, to the best of their ability, a sober and healthy lifestyle. Our doors are always open to persons no matter how often they succumb to their disease. The philosophy of this facility is to provide a sober, safe, accessible, supportive environment for residents, staff and visitors. The living environment at Cronin Home helps to reduce and control hazards and risks for maintaining safe, sober living conditions for all residents.



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